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Flotronic pumps are one of the newest and most efficient pumps available. Most of them are built with a “one nut” design. This is made to reduce the amount of parts in a pump and make it a lot simpler and easy to use. Not only this but it allows it to get the job done a lot better and a lot more efficiently than the old style pumps. This information shows that even though often they may be more expensive than other pumps, they are going to last a lot longer, get the job done a lot better and save you a whole load of time! Not only this but they are also cheaper and easier to repair. Therefore if you pump breaks as part are a lot cheaper it will cost you a lot less to get it repaired. This is because spare parts for Flotronic Pumps are much more widely available than other pumps so therefore are often a lot cheaper to purchase. The way it is designed allows it to be a lot more sustainable as well. Often, plastic parts are left unprotected and therefore more open to damage. However, in many Flotronic Pumps the plastic parts are surrounded with metal to protect it from any damage and if any damage does occur, the easily broken plastic parts are no longer easily broken due to the strong metal protection. If you need anymore information on these pumps please feel free to ask, we have a strong foundation of knowledge and are more than happy to share it with you.