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Heated Hoses

heated hosesHeated hoses provide solutions for transferring materials such as hot melt, liquid food products, wax, lubricants, sealants, plastics, adhesives, petroleum products, tar, asphalt and water chemicals.

We offer a wide range of replacement hoses for major hot melt manufacturers Nordson, Slautterback, Moen, Graco, Melt-On and ITW.

Our heated hoses are the ideal solution for the flexible transport of products. Their durability, high temperature stability, optimum heat distribution and use of quality materials ensure they operate with maximum efficiency and economy.

Not only that, but their design and manufacture can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Our range starts from just £320, with 4 metre x 1" PTFE lined heated hoses starting from £540 and 6 metre x 1" PTFE lined heated hoses starting from £620.

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