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KK5B Series

Direct drive, radial piston air motors

kk5b seriesPower: 21.6-22.3 kW
Speed: 900 RPM with adjustability through air controls

The KK5B series is ideally suited to constantly varying loads: these piston motors handle winch and hoist applications with ease.


  • Maximum power output of 22.3 kW with a 90 PSI air supply.
  • SAE, NEMA and foot mount models available.
  • Remote control and manual options available.
  • Infinitely variable speed via a simple valve on the input air supply line.
  • Cool running characteristics allow motors to operate in temperatures up to 65ºC, with some able to withstand temperatures up to 150ºC.
  • Instantly reversible at the turn of a valve (on reversible models).
  • Won't burn out, even when overloaded or stalled.
  • Perfect for hazardous conditions, with no electric sparks or heat build-up.
  • Air-cushioned start-up eliminates shock starts and vastly reduces stress to your equipment.
  • Low maintenance and long life.
  • Exceptional design flexibility means motors deliver maximum power in minimum size.

kk5b symbol

kk5b symbol ex

Option Code Description Weight Part Number
lb. kg
Motor Options 546 29 Horsepower Motor 251 113 KK5B546
550 30 Horsepower Motor 251 113 KK5B550
Mounting Options A Flange Mount, STD with SAE C 2 & 4 Bolt Mount Standard
B Base Mount, Stationary Mounting 45 20 K5B - Foot
Output Shaft Options 0 *SAE C, STD with SAE C 14 Tooth Female Spline Input Standard
1 **NEMA 213TC and 215TC, Keyed Shaft 13⁄8" dia. 13 6 K5B - NEMA - 213
2 ***Keyed Shaft 15⁄8" dia. 24 11 K5B - Shaft - 1.625
Control Options A None Standard
B Manual Throttle, Control Mounted Directly on Motor 19 19 K5B - Manual
C Pilot Air Control, Required for Remote Controller Options 9 4 K5B - Pilot
Controller Options 0 None Standard
1 Pendant Control, STD 2 Button Pendant MLK-K269C
2 Panel Control, Required for Remote Stationery Mounted Control UWD - A686
Rotary Valve Options A Equal Powered Standard
B Biased Powered CCW POA
C Biased Powered CW     POA
*Flange Gasket Required
**Single Bearing Mount
***Double Bearing Mount