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551 Series

Multi-vane air motors

551Power: 4.18 Kw
Speed: 77-120 RPM with built-in governor for speed control

The 551 series offers torque adjustability through air controls and provides maximum speed control via its built-in governor.


  • Built-in governor for improved speed control.
  • Outstanding design flexibility delivers maximum power in minimum size.
  • Won't burn out, even when stalled or overloaded.
  • Perfect for harsh environments, with no electric sparks or heat build-up.
  • Cool running characteristics allow motors to operate in temperatures up to 65ºC, with some able to tolerate temperatures up to 150ºC.
  • Infinite speed variability via a simple valve on the input air supply line.
  • Long life and low maintenance.
  • Instant reversal at the turn of a valve (on reversible models).
  • Air-cushioned start-up eliminates shock starts, reducing stress to your equipment.