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Pump Servicing

We specialise in the installation and servicing of piston, pneumatic and diaphragm pumping equipment. Our expertise and knowledge mean that we can service your industrial fluid pump for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

We carry spare parts and seal kits for most major brands of piston pump and diaphragm pump.

We offer Wilden or Blagdon pump repairs through our service portal - all we need to know is the pump type and the materials you're pumping. If you're pumping acetone, ketones or epoxy resins, the parts and sealing materials often differ from those needed for a standard pump.

Piston pumps with PTFE seals, Viton seals, Viton O-Rings and UHMWPE throat packings are fairly common, and we can deal with all hazardous waste in accordance with ISO14001.

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