Bead Tech

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Tool Room Services

On-Site services

We respond to on-site and emergency callouts 24 hours a day, and we turn up ready to work.

Our engineers carry common spare parts and have ready access, day and night, to the resources they need to get production running again.

We fault-find on all types of automation and can handle PLC problems, robot problems and welding and machining difficulties, as well as problems with sealant systems and control panels.

If you need cycle time improvements, running repairs or emergency assistance, give us a call now.

Repairs and Refurbishment

We repair piston pumps, centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps and metering pumps.

We also repair spindles, bearings, shafts (including long-length), gantries and hoses.

Reverse Engineering

It's a familiar story: you find the perfect product, use it until it wears out, then try to replace it – only to find the supplier has gone out of business.

This is where we come in. Our team of specialist engineers have years of experience and can reverse engineer and recompile electronic, touchscreen, PLC and computer-controlled devices.

We offer the complete package: from electronic component level to pneumatic and hydraulic parts and eventual metalwork, we can help you every step of the way.


These days, good fabricators are few and far between. As more and more manufacturing is moving abroad, the art of fabrication is dying out.

We pride ourselves on the strength of our fabrication, and are determined to stay at the top of our game.

Let us give you a quote for manufacturing stands, clamps, jigs or fixtures – anything, in fact. You'll find we're fantastic on price, and even better on quality.


We have a full CAD/CAM and Robcad facility.

CNC Machining

We can complete small-volume and medium-volume CNC machine projects to incredible detail.

Our seamless production means we can process simple operations or multistage CNC programmes to produce perfect parts.

Sealant System Servicing and Diagnostics

Often a sealant system's components work flawlessly, but the whole system breaks down regularly for reasons which remain a mystery.

We have years of experience with turbulent flow sealants, thixotropic materials, two-component systems and moisture-curing adhesives.

We know the materials inside-out, so we can diagnose persistent issues or repetitive faults.

We have access to background controls and 'black box' passwords for sealant controllers from SCA, Graco and Ingersoll Rand, so we're perfectly placed to solve even the most perplexing problems.

Valve Servicing

We can service a basic on-and-off needle valve, refurbish seats and tips and change soft seats to Tungsten Carbide, all as standard.

We offer valve setup and calibration in line with the German TUV standard, where metering accuracy is paramount. So when we service a valve, we ensure its closing accuracy by pumping 10,000 litres of fluid through it to test it by weight and volume.

We repair butterfly valves from Joucomatic, Schneider and Charvo, and also have the facilities to repair SCA equipment.

Automation and Robot Programming

Once upon a time, automation was the preserve of the big players with millions to spend on equipment. Not any more: robots and conveyors from Fanuc, Kuka, Motorman and ABB are available at off-the-shelf prices, as are grippers and handlers based on modular designs.

We're experts in PLC, Siemens Step 7, ABB, Kuka and Fanuc integration. We excel in cycle time realisation as well as cell build and integration – without the premium price tag of other automation specialists. We find innovative ways to reduce costs while providing the production facilities you need.

Electronics Repair and Rapid Prototyping

We have an in-house repair and diagnosis service for electronic components down to board level.

We provide equipment to MacDonald Humfrey and other automation houses via our sister company Multibug.

We can take on small- and medium-sized development projects, including PLC microprocessors and controls, software development and hardware design.